Newsday Tries Go Organically® Fruit Snacks and Loves Them!

February 2016

Newsday reported: "We did a taste test of Go Organically® Fruit Snacks. We tried three flavors: Mixed Berry, Tropical and Fruit Medley. Their slogan is “Organic never tasted so good” and we think they are right!"

Go Organically Featured on Good 4 Utah

July 2015

The segment tells viewers, "Step aside chips and cookies, now kids can snack on the go and mom can feel good about it! These bite sized snacks from Go Organically® are available in three delicious flavor assortments, and unlike other fruit snacks on

Go Organically Featured on Faith and Friends

June 2015

Faith and Friends calls Go Organically a great summer snack that's gluten-free, GMO free and organic.